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Page date: January 24, 2009

Super Gravity is the unofficial version 2.6 of the Gravity usenet news reader that can show complete multi-part binaries and provides numerous enhancements. The developer is Albert Choy (aka Al), formerly of MicroPlanet.

January 2009

All Gravity activity and future news can be found at SourceForge.
Please check SourceForge for the latest versions. The project is active and
new builds have been released. The latest builds are compiled for Windows XP
Vista is not officially supported but we have reports that it runs in Vista.

Gravity Web Page at SourceForge

Gravity Project Page at SourceForge

January 2009 - Since August 2008, development of new v2.7 has been active. I do not update this web site, but some of the information is still useful, this page in particular. I plan to put the useful information on SourceForge, but this has not happened yet. I will keep this site here for users of old versions, including Super Gravity. Also, some of the new commands are not documented very well, except on this page.

Also note that the new SourceForge builds will convert your databases. If you create a backup using GravityBackup.exe in the Program directory, you should be able to restore everything in the event that you want to go back to an earlier version. However, if you do not create a backup, you will lose your settings and databases! This only applies if you are updating an old version (below 2.7.1).

The following is OLD OLD NEWS

March 2004 - There is now a complete install available for the latest build 2060. See the Downloads for a direct link.

The latest unofficial version is 2.6 build 2060.

WARNING: Database format change! Beginning with build 2056 the database is not backward compatible! You should save a backup! If you want to go back to a previous build, you will have to restore the backup.


8-Bit or Quoted Printable?

8-bit settings

Some news readers cannot decode Quoted Printable (QP). You should set Super Gravity to send raw 8-bit, unless you really want to post QP. Note that French news groups use 8-bit settings. If you post to the fr.* groups you should definitely set 8-bit. The settings are located in

View - Global Options - Encoding

Gravity will set Content-Type and Content-Encoding headers for you.

Previous Builds 2046 - 2057


Super Gravity Enhancements.

You might want to check the unofficial release notes for the latest information, bugs, and fixes.


This is an unofficial Gravity version. Al Choy, formerly of MicroPlanet, is the developer. Al did much of the work on Gravity 2.5 and earlier versions. Please read the warnings and issues before using.
!! Thanks Al !!

Gravity is freeware. You are free to use Gravity with no strings attached, and Gravity comes with no advertisements or banners. After MicroPlanet ceased operations Al graciously donated his own time to provide numerous enhancements and bug fixes. You are under no obligation to do so, but if you are able, please consider sending a donation to Al's PayPal Link

Screen Shots

  1. ISO-8859-1 header handling (build 2035) (12.1 KB)
  2. Complete binaries - full Screen Shot (28.1 KB)
  3. Complete binaries - partial Screen Shot (10.6 KB)
  4. Quick Filter Dialogue and Speed Meter


Please understand that these are un-official versions. Download and use at your own risk. These are not official releases. MicroPlanet no longer supports Gravity, but copyright and licensing still apply. There is no guarantee that Al or anyone will continue to fix bugs or further develop these versions. Please read the issues before downloading.

Super Gravity Version 2.6 is widely used and should not be any less stable than earlier official releases. I have not received reports of problems different from the official versions since the "Super" series started. At this time (3/07/04) there have been more than 120,000 download attempts. I personally have not had any problems with Windows 98 SE, P III 933, 256M RAM. I also test on Win2k Pro. But check the release notes for bug updates.

Warning! When using a Complete_Binaries filter, Gravity's rules do not 'see' the total lines count. The 'lines' rule condition applies to individual articles. Example: If you make a rule to delete articles less than 50,000 lines in size you will delete all of your articles!


Super Gravity Version 2.6 (and Gravity Versions 2.3 and 2.5) can be downloaded at this link

The open source Gravity Version 2.7 can be downloaded at SourceForge

SourceForge Gravity Page

Which file(s) to download?

Case 1: If you do not have Gravity installed on your system and are installing for the first time download the setup program. Unzip and run the installer. After installation set Gravity to post 8-bit (Read more)

Full Install Download

Case 2: You have Gravity 2.3 or 2.5 installed on your system, or you are currently using Super Gravity:

Super Gravity Bild 2060 Download - 1.11 MB (executable only)

If you are upgrading from Version 2.5 or a build before 2046 you should check that you have the registry fix for proper URL recognition.

Also note the database change. Builds 2052 and higher share a common database format that is not compatible with earlier versions. You should backup your database in case you want to go back.


  1. If you downloaded the full install - unzip the install program and run it. If the install is successful you are finished. You should set Gravity to post 8-bit. Follow this link for more information.

  2. If you are not using the new installer you MUST have Gravity version 2.3, 2.5, or 2.6 installed before using Super Gravity.

    The file named gravity.exe in the Super Gravity zip files named is not an installation program. It is a replacement for the gravity.exe file in your current Gravity program directory. You must extract the file and put it in the directory manually.

    To install Super Gravity 2.6 on top of version 2.5 or to update an existing Super Gravity build, download, extract the file named gravity.exe and place it in your Gravity program directory, replacing the current executable.

    If you get a "missing _gravmon.dll" error, it usually means that you are trying to run Super Gravity without having version 2.3, 2.5, or 2.6 installed.


    NOTE: You don't really need to replace gravity.exe. There can be several Gravity executables in the program directory. You can rename the executables and make shortcuts to each. The only minor problem that arises is that Gravity won't be able to find the help file. But you can specify that manually.



To view complete binaries:

  1. Set Gravity to thread by message ID only in "Global Options" - "Display" (Actually, I quit doing this and thread by ID and subject).

  2. Create a filter. The name MUST begin with "Complete_Binaries" (without the quotes). In later builds there is a checkbox in the filters dialog box to show complete binaries.

  3. You can add other conditions to the filter and create more filters but you MUST always start the filter name with "Complete_Binaries." You can create as many complete binary filters as you wish.

  4. Switch to one of your "Complete_Binaries" filters
You can create more than one filter and combine the usual filtering functions like read/unread sorting, etc. And all of your old filters should work exactly as before.

When viewing the thread display with one of your new "Complete_Binaries" filters, the 'Lines" column will now show the sum of all parts. You can even sort on the lines column. Cool ... eh?

Quick Filter
To use the new Quick Filter dialogue: Type "/" or "CONTROL Q" (no quotes). To restore your display press the function key "F5" when Gravity has the focus. Note that canceling retains the search string. Killing the dialogue clears the string.


Remember that the only requirement is to use "Complete_Binaries" as the prefix for your filter name (or the checkbox in filters). Then you can mix and match the other filter conditions. Also, you may get better effects in groups that contain multi-part posts if you select "Include entire thread if any article matches filter" when you create your filter. Sometimes this doesn't help in groups that are primarily single part posts.

  EXAMPLE 1: For multi-part groups

    Filter: 'Complete_Binaries-Unread'

    check "include entire thread"

  EXAMPLE 2: Show All complete binaries

    Filter: 'Complete_Binaries'

    This filter should show all complete articles

  EXAMPLE 3: You want to show only the larger binaries
             while filtering out small stuff.

    Filter: 'Complete_Binaries-large'

    Unread articles
       Lines > 200

  EXAMPLE 4: You want to see only complete .mpg or .avi movie files
             and not include rar or split files

    Filter:  Complete_Binaries-mpg

    Start with "All articles"
    Hit the "Advanced" button and enter this as a regular expression

	Subject contains reg. expr. "\.(avi|mpg)[^\.]"

These are simple, of course you can set up any number of conditions. After using the filters for a while I find my favorite is to use Example 1 and then click the subject heading to sort various ways, or use the Quick Filter.

To keep the database small, after I have browsed the group, I switch to a complete binaries filter and hit CONTROL A (select all) and DELETE. This gets rid of all the complete ones but leaves the incompletes in case more parts come in. Then I manually compact.

Tom Bates