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Gravity Screen Shots

Microplanet Seventeen screen shots from MicroPlanet. These are copies on my server (used with permission). Among other things, these show some of the rules and scoring configuration tabs.

NOTE: Screen Shots do NOT open in new windows, use your back button, or open in a new window.

Super Gravity Screens Shots
A collection of screen shots showing some of the features of the "Super" Gravity Unofficial Version 2.6 series.
3 Pane View (101 k)
This is my favorite setup. It shows reading a threaded e-mail list with Hamster.
3 Pane View (51 k)
Shows collapsed thread indicators. Also shows effects of scoring. If you look in the newsgroup pane you can see a way to sort groups by numbering them. If you stay with multiples of 5 or 10 it is easy to slip a new group in the list. (You can sort your servers, rules, and filters this way too)
Another 3 Pane View (114 k)
Another way to set up the 3 pane view. Also shows the effects of scoring in the thread pane.
Article Pane - Zoomed (62 k)
Zooming makes a very neat display. Switch between the panes with 1, 2, and 3, or use TAB.
Another Zoomed Article Pane (54 k)
With detached toolbar and background color.You can detach and float toolbars, and the rule, filter and outbox bars. You can also customize fonts.
Another Zoomed Article Pane (84 k)
With docked vertical toolbars and floating rule, filter and outbox bars.
Zoomed Thread Pane (106 k)
If you press 2 or TAB while in the zoomed article view you get back to the thread pane.
Article Pane Configuration (46 k)
In Global Options. Set up which headers you want to include in normal view (with a font for each), background color, quoted text font and color, and lines to include when muting quoted text. To switch panes you need to go to the window layout tab.

Composition Window (17 k)

Display Configuration (37 k)
In Global Options. Set threading options, order or hide columns in the thread pane, set the time format (press help for the list), and read article color.
VCR Window (9.2 k)
In Tools - VCR. Set Gravity to sweep multiple servers at once. You don't have to get all groups on the server(s). You can also specify a time to start.
Navigation Options (24 k)
In Global Options. Settings for online and offline modes.

Tom Bates, Naples, FL