Changes in Version 2.3

Version 2.3 was released.

I never got around to updating this page for beta 3 or 4, so read the release notes (you have an html copy in your program directory, which you can read off-line). Release version 2.3 adds a keyboard shortcut to switch between the ALL ARTICLES and DEFAULT display filters. Use CTRL SHIFT A. It also seems a little more robust in the re-connect department.

Betas 3 and 4 provided some fixes and a few enhancements including resuming a multi-part download where you left off and automatic retry for decoding. See the release notes for bug fixes.

Public Beta 2 for Version 2.3 (Revised 4/08/00)

Beta 2 is SWEET! It returns the ability to multi-select by dragging with the mouse and seems to have the great stability and memory usage as beta 1. A definite keeper!

Potential issues regarding Beta 1 and Beta 2:

  • Do not un-install Gravity from control panel. If you do a clean install Gravity will not run and you will need to Control - Alt - Delete to kill it. Instead, simply run the install. I strongly suggest you make a backup. If you have encountered this situation, didn't make a backup, and don't want to wait for a fix you will have to get a previous version like 2.2 and install it first.

  • If you are using Windows 95 and don't get a horizontal scroll bar in the thread pane or erratic display behavior (usually minor) click here for a fix.

Public Beta 1 for Version 2.3 (Revised 3/26/00)

Gravity Version 2.3 adds a few functions (like a horizontal scroll bar in the thread pane and more status bar messages). But the major changes are in stability and memory usage. At this time 2.3 is still in beta which means there may be a few bugs.

Following is a summary of most of the changes and fixes.

  • The infamous serialize2 error should be fixed.
  • Improved memory usage.
  • Save to draft wraps the old (version 2.1) way.
  • The thread pane uses a horizontal scroll bar.
  • The thread pane holds more articles.
  • Optional "mode reader" setting for some connection problems.
  • Additional messages in status bar.
  • The decode expression in the registry is changed (no need to use my registry hack for decoding "of").
  • Search window has a cool progress bar.
  • Various fixes for Windows 2000 problems.

The main thing I noticed is Gravity doesn't "feel" as sluggish with larger groups. I have loaded +20,000 articles on an old P100 with 48M RAM. With 2.2 this was next to impossible. It still takes a little while to thread and display (1 minute and 35 seconds to load the +20,000 articles on this slow machine). But, once loaded, the response is very snappy.

The stability is great. I also noticed minimal problems with the display "ghosting" out and freezes. With 2.2 I was freezing sometimes as much as several times a session. My whole system used to get very sluggish when trying to switch between applications but 2.3 beta seems to play nicer with applications and the response is much better.

The serialize2 error was traced to memory allocation and should be gone now or at least be much better.

The thread pane will handle more than 32k articles now. However, the switch to listview means you lose the ability to select a range by dragging with the mouse. I missed it at first but the trade off is worth it.

If you get those error messages about the server renumbering the articles you can enable group command tracing in trace file. As far as know as I know MicroPlanet has only encountered this one once and it was a case where the articles truly were re numbered. So, if you can help, please do.

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