MicroPlanet Gravity 2.5 Release Notes

These release notes describe the functionality added to MicroPlanet Gravity for versions 2.0 through 2.5.
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Gravity 2.5 (yes, it's free now)

Gravity 2.5 is the first freeware version of Gravity.  It is identical to version 2.3 except that registration-related code, help, documention, license, etc... have been removed.  You may use or re-distribute Gravity as desired as long as you do not try to sell it or profit from it.  See The Free Gravity FAQ that is contained in the help file for additional details.

Gravity 2.3 Installation Notes

Important: Gravity 2.3 database files are compatible with version 2.2 files, but not with previous versions of Gravity.  If you wish to install 2.3 for evaluation purposes and then return to a version prior to 2.2, you will need to use GravityBackup.exe to create a backup of your existing installation.  The procedure for doing that is at the bottom of this document.

Note: The 2.3 help file has not been updated with the following changes.

Changes and fixes in Gravity 2.3 final release (build 1800)



Gravity no longer converts decoded file names to lower case. Formerly Gravity would convert all decoded file names to lower case.  The final release of 2.3 no longer does so.
Auto-resuming multi-part decodes no longer conflicts with auto skip setting In the beta releases of 2.3, if a user had selected Options/Decoding/Automatically Skip the File, Gravity would skip the remaining parts even though it had cached the preceding ones.  In the final release, Gravity is smart enough to know when it is resuming a multi-part decode job as opposed to encountering another file with the same name.
Search/Go To Article Fixed In the betas, if you used Go To Article on a search result and the target was not in the current newsgroup, then you would have to open the newsgroup first (Go To Article would actually do that for you) and then click Go To Article again.  The final release will open the target newsgroup and then jump to the article.
Selection after un-tagging is now correct In the betas, if you un-tagged an article the selection appeared to be on the following article, but in fact it was on the previous article.
Various re-connection problems have been fixed There were a number of scenarios in the beta where Gravity would not successfully re-connect to the news server if a connection attempt failed or if Gravity lost connection.  We believe most (hopefully all) of these problems have been fixed
New keyboard shortcut for toggling between All Articles and the default filter (Ctrl+Shift+A) A new keyboard shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+A) has been added that will toggle between the All Articles view filter and the default filter for the current newsgroup.  For example, if you are using the Unread Articles view filter and use CTRL+SHIFT+A, then the filter will switch to All Articles.  If you hit the keystroke combination again, it will revert back to Unread Articles (assuming that is the default).
Gravity compiled with Visual C++ Service Pack 4 The final release is compiled and linked with Visual C++ 6.0 with Service Pack 4 applied.  We have tested using SP4 extensively and believe it performs well.
Zoom focus problem corrected Previously, if you were zoomed and hit '1' to switch to the newsgroup pane, and then hit '1' again by accident, focus would get lost.  In the final release, focus is correctly set to the newsgroup pane.


Changes and fixes in Gravity 2.3b4 (build 1784)



Paused decoding problem corrected Beta 3 introduced a new feature to automatically re-try failed decodes in certain situations.  Unfortunately we overlooked one case when the job should fail - when a part is no longer at the server.  In this case, Gravity would kick the job back into the decode queue and pause decoding.  The missing part will cause the job to fail in Beta 4.
Newsgroup pane tooltips The tooltips in the newsgroup pane now pop up quicker (1/2 second) when you hover the mouse over a newsgroup name.


Changes and fixes in Gravity 2.3b3 (build 1773)



Hang on splash screen fixed In certain cases Gravity would hang displaying the initial splash screen.  Beta 3 corrects the problem.  We're sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.
Resume support added for multi-part decoding Gravity now caches pieces of a multi-part decode in a local cache (<grav_dir>\parts) and can resume with the next part when a transfer is interrupted (e.g. start on part 17 rather than at the beginning).
Decode jobs are automatically re-tried Decode jobs that fail for any reason other than missing parts are automatically added back to the front of the decode queue and re-tried once connection has been established.  Clicking Stop or Disconnect will not cause a decode job to be removed from the queue.  To remove queued decode jobs, you must go to the Image Factory (ctrl-i) to remove them.
Focus corrected when navigation moves to the next group Navigation commands that moved to the next group now correctly put focus on the first article.
"Move selection down" and "Move selection down (into thread)" The new "Move selection down (into thread)" maps to the old behavior and a new behavior has been added to move selection down without diving into the thread.
Re-numbered newsgroups We have made some changes to the handling of the GROUP command in the hope that we can eliminate the re-numbered group messages that some people experience.  If you are one of the people who has been affected, please let us know if this helps.  Additionally, the GROUP logging function (File/Trace File/Log Output...) has been changed to include the IP address of the server.

Changes and fixes in Gravity 2.3b2 (build 1762)



Drag selection now works again in the thread pane In Beta 1 the thread pane was changed to a listview control from the listbox control.  This allowed more than 32767 items in the thread pane, but unfortunately eliminated drag selection (selecting contiguous articles while dragging the mouse).  In Beta 2, we have done some work to make the Windows ListView control support drag selection.  You can stop swamping our inbox now<g>
Selection problem in the thread pane corrected In Beta 1 if you select one or more items in the thread pane and delete them, Gravity would appear to place selection on an article, but in fact the first article was the one selected.  Beta 2 corrects the problem. 
Horizontal scrollbar in the thread pane no longer appears if columns are not wider than the pane In Beta 1, horizontal scrollbars appeared in the thread pane regardless of whether the columns were in fact wider than the pane.  This has been fixed.
Problems with thread pane row height The thread pane in Beta 1 did not display properly when certain fonts were selected.  This has been fixed.


Changes and fixes in Gravity 2.3b1 (build 1751)



Improved memory management (eliminates Serialize2 exception errors) The currently shipping Microsoft C Runtime Library (msvcrt.dll) has a bug when working with large data sets.  On the Microsoft web site Microsoft recommended a patch that was used in version 2.2.  It turns out that the patch would still crash under certain circumstances.  In addition to obtaining a fix for this problem we have also incorporated some additional techniques to improve handling of large groups.
New Status Bar Column The status bar now has a new column on the left, which shows the various phases of loading a newsgroup and indicates how many headers are being displayed in the current view out of the total number of local headers (e.g. 113/500).
Thread pane no longer limited to 32K headers under Win9X  Formerly the thread pane was based on the listbox control in windows.  In version 2.3 the thread pane is based on the listview (SysListView32) common control and can display more than 32K items under Windows 95 and 98.  The Windows NT listbox never had this limitation.
Thread pane now has a horizontal scrollbar The thread pane now will display a horizontal scroll bar if the defined columns are wider than the display.
Gravity would hang following up to articles under Windows 2000 Due to changes made to the RichEdit common control under Windows 2000, Gravity would sometimes hang when opening a reply or follow-up window.  Version 2.3 should no longer hang.
Article coloring under Windows 2000 Due to changes in the RichEdit common control under Windows 2000, Gravity would sometimes incorrectly color sections of articles.  Version 2.3 should correct the problem.
Decoding part identification change Gravity uses a pattern to detect the part numbers in the subject for multi-part binary files.  Formerly when a subject contained "file 1 of 2  mypic1.jpg" Gravity would identify the post as a multi-part post and would not decode the item because of the assumed missing part.  In version 2.3, Gravity no longer looks for "X of X" as part numbers, so subjects like the one above should decode fine.
Gravity now correctly removes rule information for purged headers In version 2.1 and 2.2 Gravity would not clean up some rule related information from the newsgroup database files, even if that information pertained to headers that had already been purged.  Version 2.3 correctly removes the outdated information. 
Wrap behavior of "Save To Draft" The wrapping behavior of "Save To Draft" in version 2.3 has reverted to the way it worked prior to version 2.2.
Group command tracing (pertains to renumbered group messages) A number of users have reported that they get re-numbered newsgroup messages, seemingly when the newsgroup has not been re-numbered.  In order to try to track this down, we have added a new option under File/Trace Files that will cause Gravity to log all GROUP commands issued to the current server.  If you have been receiving these messages, you should enable the GROUP command tracing and after you receive another re-numbering message send MicroPlanet the log.  Since adding the GROUP logging we have encountered re-numbered groups, and they were in fact re-numbered by the server, but we want to get as much feedback as possible before proceeding with a course of action.
Search window changes The Gravity search window now shows a progress bar as it is processing each group rather than the "whizzing subjects" it formerly displayed.
Optional "mode reader" Some news servers that have recently come to our attention close the connection when a newsreader issues the standard "mode reader" command.  You can disable the "mode reader" command under Server/Properties/Connect.

Changes in Gravity 2.2

Gravity 2.2 includes all fixes from previous versions plus the following new functionality:



VCR tool for processing multiple servers.
  • The VCR allows you to select groups from any of your defined news servers and cycle through and retrieve the headers, bodies, process rules, and so forth. You can start the process right away, or you can schedule it to occur at a later time (such as at midnight). Gravity can optionally exit when all of the jobs have completed.
  • The VCR remembers its settings from previous runs, but you can also save VCR settings to a file and re-use them later. Gravity has a new command line switch (/vcrfile: ) that allows you to start Gravity with the VCR running.
New Navigation Commands A whole new navigation menu was added and some article navigation commands were migrated from the Article menu. The new navigation commands are:
  • Skip to next unread article
  • Skip to next unread in thread
  • Skip to next unread local
  • Back (move to previously viewed article)
  • Forward (move to article that was viewed after this one)

There is a new Navigation tab in Global Options that allows you to control how certain navigation commands work when you are offline or online.

The following keys take you to the respective panes:

  • 1 - newsgroup pane
  • 2 - thread pane
  • 3 - article pane

These shortcuts work whether you are zoomed or not.

News Server Nicknames
  • Each server now has both a server nickname and a server address. If no server address is specified, Gravity attempts to connect to the server nickname. Server nicknames allow you to define the same news server multiple times by giving it multiple nicknames. The server nickname maps directly to a Windows file system directory, so each server must have a distinct nickname.
Retrieval Improvements
  • New settings to allow Gravity to re-establish dropped connections and retry failed connection attempts.
  • The Retrieve tagged for selected groups command allows you to retrieve tagged articles for the groups selected within the newsgroup pane.
  • A new server property (Server/Properties/Operation/Server creates messages out of order) can be used with news servers that are part of server farms. Enabling the option causes Gravity to keep requesting articles that appear to be missing.
  • A new server property (Server/Properties/Operation/Limit headers) can be used to specify that Gravity should not retrieve more than a specified number of headers from any group during header retrieval. This limit can be overridden on a per-newsgroup basis.
  • The Retrieve Limited Number of Headers… command has been added to the newsgroup menu. This command allows you to specify a number of headers to retrieve or to specify that all should be retrieved.
  • A new newsgroup retrieval property has been added to the General tab to allow you to disable automatic retrieval of the group when headers are retrieved for the entire server.
  • If a decode job fails because of a lost connection then it is added back to the waiting job queue.
New Toolbar Buttons
  • Retrieve Tagged Articles
  • Skip to the next unread article
  • Skip to next unread in thread
  • Skip to next unread local
  • Back to the previously viewed article 
  • Forward to the article that was viewed after the current one
  • You can now choose between threading headers based on only the message-id or both the message-id and subject. This setting is contained on the Global Options/Display tab.
  • The threading algorithm is faster.
  • Collapsed threads that contain new articles are now indicated visually with a "Swiss Army Knife-like" symbol.
  • The plus and minus keys ('+' and '-') now expand and collapse the selected thread.
  • The option to NOT store headers for newsgroups has been removed. The reasons for removing it include: 
    1. the underlying code for dealing with the absence of headers was very complex
    2. in 2.1 a number of major problems surfaced after the final release even though there were thousands of downloads in the public beta, which convinced us that very few people used that mode, and
    3. while there was a minor benefit in terms of reduced hard disk consumption, many commands would result in re-downloading the information, which is confusing and wasteful. Hence we decided to eliminate it to simplify the code and put effort into other areas.

    Major changes were made to the way Gravity stores and accesses data. These changes were made to reduce the likelihood of corruption and to make recovering from corrupted files easier. 

    The Global Settings file has been broken into a set of individual files (ArtIDs.dat, Bozo.dat, Filters.dat, Ignore.dat, Options.dat, Rules.dat, Score Colors.dat, Scores.dat, Watch.dat). Additionally, the Server Settings file has been split into a number of files (Crosspost.dat, Decode.dat, Outbox.dat, Print.dat, ServerIDs.dat, Tags.dat). 

    All of the global and server level .dat files employ a backup strategy. When a file is written, it is first renamed to a .bak extension and then the new file is written. After the new file is successfully written, the backup (.bak) file is removed. If Gravity attempts to open a file and finds a file with a .bak extension present, then it knows that a previous save attempt failed and automatically reverts to the backed up version. 

    Finally, in addition to the individual server files identified above, all information about subscribed groups is contained in individual group files, which have a “. g” extension. Previously Gravity stored some vital group information in the Server Settings file, and if the data within that file that contained the subscribed group list got corrupted then the entire server was lost. In 2.2, the most that will be lost if a group becomes corrupted is the single group.

  • Rules now have optional expiration that allows a rule to be disabled if it does not fire within a prescribed number of days.
  • Score entries now have optional expiration so that unused entries can be removed if they are not encountered. This automatic maintenance helps to reduce the overhead of score processing.
Bozo Bin
  • In previous versions of Gravity, the Bozo Bin was implemented as a rule with large regular expressions. As the Bozo Bin grew, the performance diminished and the likelihood of the huge regular expression getting corrupted increased. In 2.2, the Bozo Bin is simply a list rather than a rule.
  • The bozo bin also supports expiration. If a bozo is not encountered within the specified number of days it is removed from the list.
  • There is a new command (Tools/Apply bozo bin to the current group) that allows the bozo bin to be manually applied to the currently open newsgroup.
  • The Outbox now has automatic expiration settings that you can enable to automatically clean up the Outbox.
Image Gallery There are two new options for the Image Gallery:
  • Shrink image to fit window
  • Enlarge image to fit window
  • You can now create trace files from within Gravity using the new Trace File command on the file menu. After enabling tracing, you must disconnect from the server and re-connect for the tracing to take affect.
  • The Search DejaNews command now points to the main DejaNews web page (www.deja.com).
  • Three server properties were moved to the new Group tab. These properties are 1) Get list of new groups upon connecting, 2) Display new groups after retrieval, and 3) Update server count.
  • Gravity can be instructed to let a news server create the message-id for posted articles by disabling Server/Properties/Posting/When posting, Gravity should generate the message-id for the server.
  • When defining a display filter, you can specify that the filter will include the entire thread if any article matches the filter. Use this option, for example, if you want to show the entire thread for threads that contain any unread articles.
  • A new option has been added to Global Options/Display to allow threading by either message-id and subject or purely by message-id (pure threading).
  • The formatting of items that are saved as draft has been improved.
  • There is a checkbox on the Global Options/Decode tab now that allows disabling of the low disk space check when decoding.  For some reason, on some systems the amount of free disk space is improperly calculated.  If this is the case for you, use the checkbox to disable the "feature."
  • You can unprotect articles with Ctrl+Shift+L (protect is Ctrl-L).
  • 2.2 should use approximately 28 bytes less per header in the thread pane than previous versions.
  • The Image Factory icon now resembles a factory.
  • The status bar now shows the article subject and part number during decode jobs.  Formerly the status bar contained the newsgroup name and the server-based article number.
  • Under Global Options/Preferences you can now instruct Gravity what to do when attempting to open articles with more than XX lines.  The choices are:
    1. display the article (default behavior)
    2. decode the article
    3. decode and launch (view)
    4. beep

    This setting is primarily for users who have Gravity configured to open articles with a single click, and who inadvertently cause Gravity to retrieve and display large articles (when they really just want to select them for decoding).

    Ctrl+Enter always shows the selected message, even if you have Gravity configured to decode, launch, beep, etc... articles with lines > XX (Global Options/Preferences).


  • Image Factory "Move To Top" button now has a keyboard accelerator.  You can now use the keyboard to move items to the top.  Just hit Alt-P.

  • The formatting of items that are saved as draft has been improved.

  • The Pin and Link filter buttons now have transparent backgrounds for most environments.

  • The invalid registration code error message now includes more instruction about possible causes and what to do to obtain a lost key.

  • You can now retry decode jobs from within the Image Factory with the new Retry button.

  • Formerly Gravity would not let you switch servers when the search window was open.  In 2.2,  Gravity will allow you to close the window from the warning dialog.

  • URL highlighting was improved.

  • Gravity now will warn when trying to permanently delete an article (Del).  Like other warnings, this can be disabled.

Changes in Gravity 2.12 (build 1020)

Version 2.12 has a single change to compensate for a bug in the C Runtime Library that came with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (part of Microsoft Visual Studio):



2.12 was re-compiled with a patched version the C Runtime library.  Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (including service packs 1 through 3) include a bug in the small heap memory manager that will cause Gravity to crash on large groups.  Gravity has been re-compiled with a corrected runtime library.


Changes In Gravity 2.11 (build 1016)

Version 2.11 is being released to provide fixes for a few of the most common issues with Gravity 2.1.  This release is not meant to be a major release or include new functionality and is free to all registered users of 2.X.  The next Gravity release (2.2), which is being developed now, will include new functionality.



mfc42.dll, msvcrt.dll, msvcp50.dll, _grvlib.dll no longer required Gravity 2.11 no longer requires the installation of these files.  This has a number of benefits related  to compatibility and support.  In particular, 2.11 is not dependent upon whatever dlls other products install in the Windows system directory.
Crash in kernel32.dll fixed Some people were experiencing crashes in kernel32.dll due to improperly encoded graphics files.  2.11 handles these files without problems.
Image Factory position properly restored The Image Factory position was not being properly restored if Gravity was closed when the factory was in a minimized state.  Version 2.11 properly saves the state of the Image Factory upon shutdown.
Article pane properly displays the References header In 2.1, if you included the References header in the article pane layout, it would not display.  2.11 correctly displays the References header.
DejaNews button The DejaNews button on the toolbar now points to the main site URL for DejaNews (www.dejanews.com).  Earlier versions pointed to a page that no longer exists.

Gravity 2.1 Installation Notes

Before you run version 2.1, there are some important things to note. First, the database is not backwards compatible with previous versions. Once you run the program, certain information will be in a new format that older versions of Gravity cannot read. If you are upgrading from an older version of Gravity and want to save your existing database, you can run the utility called "gravitybackup.exe" which is in the Gravity 2.1 package. The install program will ask whether you want to run this backup program as part of the install process.


Major New Functionality in version 2.1

New Feature Description
  • A new scoring system has been added for assigning relevance values to article headers. Essentially, you indicate keywords that add or lower the score for each article header. These scores can in turn be manipulated by rules. When you add a score entry, you have the options to specify whether the phrase is a wildcard, regular expression or a plain text phrase. You can indicate whether the phrase can appear in the From header, Subject header, or both. Finally, you can indicate whether the phrase has to appear as a whole word, or whether it can appear as a part of a word.
  • Add a score for the current group by hitting the ‘S’ key.
  • In addition to specifying scores for individual groups, you can specify scores for wildcard expressions such as “alt.binaries.*”
  • A new column has been added to the thread pane – Score. You can sort by score.
  • Threads can be sorted by their score. In other words, you can sort the most important threads to the top and the least important to the bottom of the list. The thread score value is based on the article with the highest score within the thread.
  • A new command has been added to allow immediate re-scoring of the current group.
  • Score ranges can have associated background colors. Generally, you will want to use “Define Custom Colors” in the color selection dialog to achieve good results.
  • There is a new rule condition that allows the rule to examine the score.
  • There is a new rule action to adjust the score of an article.
  • You can specify that a rule applies to newsgroups that match a wildcard expression (alt.binaries.* for example)
  • You can control the order that rules are evaluated by moving them up and down within the main rules dialog.
  • When you create a Rule with the Alert action, the action indicates the group of the matching article.
  • There is now a “Replace rules with same name” option for Importing rules.
  • Rule conditions can be copied from another rule by using the “Insert From…” button on the rule condition page.
Image Gallery The operation of the Image Gallery has been substantially overhauled and it is much easier to organize your decoded images. In particular, the Gallery can be used to view directories that contain files that were not decoded by Gravity. The Image Gallery automatically synchronizes its view with the files in the viewed directory, and in general implements Explorer-like drag and drop semantics. The new features include:
  • The directory bar now functions as a most recently used list of directories that you have viewed. Each time you open a directory for viewing, it appears at the top of the list.
  • A new toolbar button has been added to allow easy filing using a most recently moved-to directory list. This list is similar to the Move To toolbar button in Microsoft Outlook.
  • In the thumbnail view, positioning the mouse over an image that Gravity decoded will cause a tool tip (bubble help) to pop up with the subject of the article.
  • In the Image Gallery, when the display adjusts its size or position to accommodate an image, the mouse cursor is automatically repositioned so that it is over the button that was clicked (e.g. Next).
  • An option has been added to the Image Gallery that allows the user to turn off automatic viewing even when the user hits the ‘v’ key in Gravity.
  • The Image Gallery now supports drag and drop. When you use the Move To button, Gravity will keep track of the image’s From, Subject, and so forth. If you drag the file out of Gravity and into Explorer or the desktop, then Gravity removes the file from its internal description database.
  • The Image Gallery now has Waiting and Done indicators in the status bar which correspond to what is in the Image Factory.
  • The Image Gallery has a progress bar in the status bar that shows the download progress of the current image being fetched for display.
  • The Image Gallery has a Protect command that marks an Image as read only (this read only status is not implemented using the file system read only attribute).
  • The Image Gallery now provides a command for launching the Image Factory (Ctrl-I).
  • The Image Gallery now has popup menus.
View Filtering
  • Filter definitions now allow the specification of the sort order.
  • Each newsgroup can have its own default view filter.
  • A button has been added to the filter bar for setting the current filter to the default for the group you are viewing.
Image Factory
  • Articles with multiple attachments generate multiple Result window items.
  • The Delete From Disk command removes the deleted item’s thumbnail if one exists.
  • A Priority View (Ctrl+Shift+V) command has been added to allow you to automatically insert an article into the top of the queued jobs in the Image Factory. If you invoke the command on an article that is already queued up, that article is moved to the top of the queue.
  • A new server property setting has been added “Verify local headers when retrieving new header,” which can be disabled to speed the retrieval of headers. If your purging options are set aggressively and headers are removed prior to when they would be removed at the server, then this is a good option.
  • A "Verify Local Headers" command has been added to the Newsgroup pane context menu to allow manual checking for expired articles.
  • A new server property, “Retrieve headers for group automatically after subscribe,” has been added.
  • Secure Password Authentication (SPA) is now supported for connecting to servers such as netnews.msn.com.
  • Dialup Networking passwords are now encrypted when stored in the registry.
  • A /socket command line option has been added that causes Gravity to log the communication between itself and the news server. The files are named GRAVXXXX.TRC and are created in the Gravity program directory.
Thread Pane
  • Articles with the same subject and articles that have a common ancestor (based on references) now appear as one tree within the thread display.
  • When sorted by thread, the threads themselves can be sorted by score.
  • The background color can be set for score ranges.
Article Pane
  • A new command “Mute Quoted Text”, has been added to allow quoted text to be toggled on and off within the article display. This is particularly helpful if you are following a thread and have already read the quoted material.
  • Paging down within the article pane (using the Space key) maintains a couple of lines of text from the previous page.
  • Top, bottom, left, and right margins can be set.
  • The print font and color can be controlled.
  • Full headers can be explicitly included or omitted for each article.
Signature Stripping
  • Gravity now automatically removes signatures that are in the standard format (dash dash space carriage return) from replies and followups.
Update Notification
  • A new tab has been added to the Global options that allows Gravity to automatically check the MicroPlanet web site for newer versions of Gravity.  By default, the software will check every 7 days.  The number of days between checks can be adjusted or the check can be disabled altogether.  When a new version is found, Gravity displays a notification that describes the new version.
  • The list of servers on the Server menu is kept sorted.
  • Numerous usability requests were implemented.


Major New Functionality in version 2.0

New Feature Description
New Image Gallery The Image Gallery has been completely revamped. The former functionality is still available under View/Image Factory. The new Image Gallery includes all of the following functionality:
  • Can display common formats such as GIF, JPEG, BMP, etc...
  • Allows the images to be viewed as thumbnails. The thumbnail size can be specified.
  • Has a customizable toolbar.
  • Has a directory bar that the user can use to see images in the various decode output directories.
  • A Session button that allows the user to restrict the view to the Images that have been decoded in the current session.
  • First, Last, Previous, and Next Navigation.
  • Enlarge and Reduce images.
  • A command to set the viewed image as the Windows desktop wallpaper.
  • A command to spawn a new window with the current image.
  • Commands to move and delete images.
  • Slideshow capabilitities. The user can view a slideshow of all images, or tagged images.
  • Images can be sorted on various criteria.
  • The image window automatically sizes according to the image size.
Improved Subscribe Dialog with Newsgroup Sampling The Subscribe To Newsgroup dialog has been improved significantly. Among the improvements:
  • The dialog can be sized so that long group names are easily visible. The orientation of the available and selected groups is improved.
  • Multiple items in the Selected Groups pane can be edited at once.
  • Groups can be sampled rather than subscribed. Sampled groups are removed at the end of the session or when the user switches to another news server..
Server Switching Users can now switch between different news servers without having to exit and restart Gravity. Servers can be added and removed from the Server menu. The caption bar always indicates the current server and newsgroup.
Improved View Filters The view filters have been improved so that the user can construct advanced filters using all of the conditions available for rules. Thus, users can have views such as "all undecoded Cindy Crawford pictures" or "All replies to me."
Import/Export Newsrc Gravity now supports importing and exporting the newsgroup information to the standard NEWSRC format.
Customizable Toolbar Gravity now has a new toolbar that the user can customize. The toolbar has the new "cool" look supported by IE4 and can be modified using drag and drop similar to the way MS Office applications work.
Multi-Selection In the Newsgroup Pane The newsgroup pane supports multi-selection, so commands available to operate on a single newsgroup can be applied to multiple newsgroups (e.g., catch-up, unsubscribe, apply a rule manually, etc...).
New Per-Group Settings A number of settings can now be made on a per-newsgroup basis,, including:
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Decode Directory
  • Custom Headers

Custom Headers

Arbitrary custom headers can be specified when posting an article, e.g., "x-no-archive: yes".
Outbox Supports Re-Edit and Draft The outbox now supports re-editing items that have already been sent. Compositions can be saved as drafts.
New Decoding Options The following new decoding options have been provided:
  • Remove decoded items on exit. This is great if you are more into viewing the images than archiving them.
  • Output 4DOS compatible description files.
  • Use the new Image Gallery to view binaries.
Support For news: and nntp: URL Gravity now supports the news: and nntp: URLs. When clicking on one of these URLs in a web browser, Gravity will attempt to bring up the group for sampling if it is not already subscribed.
HTML Suppression Gravity now has an option to strip out the HTML part of articles that are posted with both text and html body parts.

Backing Up and Restoring Previous Versions of Gravity

When you install Gravity over previous versions, Gravity will automatically convert your existing database to a new format.  During the setup process, you are given an opportunity to create a backup of your previous database and settings so that you can restore them if necessary.  If you backed up your database and settings, the steps for restoring a previous version are:

  1. Print out these instructions (they will get removed by step 2).
  2. Use the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs feature to remove MicroPlanet Gravity.
  3. Re-install the older version you want to restore (e.g. 1.1 or 2.0). Be careful to re-install into the directory where it was previously installed.  During installation of the previous version, you will be asked if you want to run Gravity. Answer "No" to this question and exit the install process. 
  4. Locate the directory where the backup was made. The default location is c:\Program files\Gravity\Backup.  Run GravityBackup.exe from that directory to restore the backup file (.grv) that you created. 
  5. Run your older copy of Gravity to confirm that it performs correctly.

Note : When you upgrade from 1.1 or 2.0 to Gravity 2.2, the installation script renames the directory to "Gravity" from "Anawave Gravity." If, after restoring your previous version, you no longer need the backup program and file that was created, then you should remove the Gravity directory so that future versions of Gravity can install properly.