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It seems like I can only print articles with a fixed pitch font. Can I set the fonts used for printing?

Starting with version 2.1, Gravity printing includes support for font and size selection, along with configurable margins.


Why can't I multi-select the items in the "Available Groups" window?

The "Available Groups" window is a virtual listbox that does not support multi-selection. It is called virtual because the listbox does not actually hold all of the items it appears to hold. When you move the scrollbar, the listbox asks for the items that are supposed to be at that location. Will this ever be fixed? It may be fixed in the future, but the price may be that the searching speed will slow considerably.

Is the searching in the subscribe dialog case sensitive?

Yes. In the old days of USENET, one would never see a mixed case newsgroup name. Some servers have popped up recently that use mixed case newsgroup names (betanews.microsoft.com is one). You can still use the searching, but you have to get the case right. MicroPlanet is considering adding case insensitive searching (perhaps as an option) to the subscribe dialog. This will slow down the searching somewhat because each character of each newsgroup name will have to be uppercased in order to perform the case-insensitive comparison.

URL Handling

Gravity asks me each time I run it if I want it to be the "news:" URL handler. I always answer yes, but it keeps asking. Why?

You are probably using Netscape Navigator. When you tell Gravity to make itself the default newsreader, it places an entry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\NNTP and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\news to indicate that Gravity should handle news URLs. When you run Navigator, it changes that setting back to itself without asking you. Then, when you run Gravity, it notices that it is not the handler and asks the question. The only thing you can do is to click the checkbox telling Gravity not to ask the question. We hope that a future release of Navigator will correct the problem.

Trace Files

What's the best way for me to illustrate a problem I am having with my server (e.g.retrieving headers)?

Gravity provides a facility for logging all communication with news and mail servers.  Use the following instructions to create trace files

Assuming Gravity is installed in the default location of "c:\Program Files\Gravity" do the following:

If Gravity is running, exit.
Start an command prompt under NT or an MS-DOS box under Windows 9X


cd "\Program Files\Gravity"

Run Gravity as follows:

Gravity /socket

Do all of your normal operations.
Exit Gravity.
Gravity will have created files with a .TRC extension.  Attach those files to an email message and send them to support@microplanet.com.


Can I move my data files from their default location to another drive in version 2.X?

Yes you can, but it involves modifying the registry.  First, copy everything under <Gravity Install Dir>\newsdb to the target location on another drive (xcopy is an excellent tool for this).  Next, run RegEdit and do the following:

  1. Modify the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MicroPlanet\Gravity\Storage:DatabasePath value so that it points to the newsdb directory on the new drive.
  2. For each server that you have, modify the DatabasePath value under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MicroPlanet\Gravity\Servers\ServerX so that it points to the correct location.

Note that once you perform step one, all servers are created under that location, so once you perform these steps you should not have to repeat the steps for any servers you subsequently add.

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