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missing _GRAVMON.DLL

If you get the error message "unable to find _gravmon.dll" - it is most likely caused by not following the installation instructions.

If the above solutions do not correct the problem, then read the following usenet articles. They contain the only other solution I have seen to the "unable to find _gravmon.dll" error that happens when trying to run Super Gravity in Windows ME. (But I still think you did not follow the install instructions)

>> I have seen quite a few posts over this problem.
>> I had all but given up trying to install Super Gravity, Then
>> I did this. First I am using Win ME.
>> When trying to install Super Gravity over Gravity ver 2.5, I was
>> getting this error "unable to find _GRAVMON.DLL."
>> Then I unzipped Gravity Ver to a new folder on the
>> desktop, Did a find file for Gravmon.Dll copied this in to the
>> new folder along side the Gravity install Icon double clicked
>> Gravity to install and it went fine.
>> HTH.

> I have gotten some reports of this and didn't know what to do about 
> them. It would be nice to offer a solution. I think Windows ME does 
> some weird stuff as far as dll's are concerned, that is one reason 
> why I didn't get it when I got a new machine earlier this year.
> However, I don't quite understand what you did, would you mind 
> taking it a little slow for me, I must be getting old.

Sure thing Tom,
When I tried to use S/Gravity over Gravity ver 2.5 I got the error 
"could not find _gravmon.dll. After trying several times in 
different ways, I downloaded super gravity ver 2.6 from your site 
again, Then created a new folder on my desktop and unzipped it to 
this folder. At this stage I still got the dll error if I tried to 
run it. So I did a find file search and it came up with the dll 
from ver 2.5, I copied and pasted this in to the folder I had 
unzipped 2.6 to and it ran then with no problems. It shows as ver 
2.60b (build 2032) and so far appears to run well. I hope this 
makes it clearer, I'm still quite a novice at this computer 

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