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Gravity Usenet Newsreader for Windows, originally developed by

Gravity 2.7-3.0 (open source versions) downloads are at SourceForge
and are compiled for Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Website:       http://mpgravity.sourceforge.net/
SF Project:    http://sourceforge.net/projects/mpgravity/
   (Note that the SF project name is "mpgravity")

The files here are very old versions saved for legacy reasons, you probably
want the newer versions at SourceForge, so go there. 

Please note the database changes in Build 2056
The database is not compatible with previous builds
Icon  Name                    Last modified      Size  Description
[DIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] Gallery/ 16-Feb-2004 23:15 - [DIR] GravityBackup/ 16-Feb-2004 23:15 - [TXT] changes.txt 20-Feb-2004 12:56 8.6K Change Log [   ] grav23.exe 14-Aug-2000 16:27 2.4M Gravity Version 2.3 [   ] grav25.exe 10-Jan-2001 06:00 2.3M Gravity Version 2.5 [TXT] header.html 27-Jul-2013 15:56 677 [TXT] readme.html 27-Jul-2013 16:05 2.6K [   ] setup2060.zip 08-Mar-2004 11:58 2.4M Super Gravity 2.6 Full [   ] super2039.zip 24-Apr-2002 23:52 1.1M Super Gravity 2.6 [   ] super2060.zip 20-Feb-2004 12:37 1.1M Super Gravity 2.6 [DIR] x-old-super/ 14-Jan-2006 22:17 -
I strongly recommend using the SourceForge Versions rather than
these. The newest SF builds restored the toolbar icons, improved
the spell checker, and fixed some other annoyances with the early
open-source builds. In addition it runs much faster and stable on XP
and Win 7.

If you want Backup or Gallery, these still work with the SF builds
and can be downloaded here. Backup is the most useful and every 
Gravity user should have it. It is packaged with the newer SF
Builds, so check your . UPDATE: Neither program works
with SourceForge builds.

But, if for some reason you want these old versions - here they are.

The latest "Super" Gravity before open-sourcing is Version 2.6

setup2060.zip  The latest Super Gravity 2.6 Build 2060. The zip file
               contains a complete install program.

super20**.zip Super Gravity (unofficial version 2.6). The zip
              file contains one file named Gravity.exe. To install,
              simply extract the file and replace Gravity.exe in
              the Gravity program directory. The file in the zip file
              is NOT an install program. You MUST have a working
              version of Gravity (2.3 or higher) installed to use
              this method. 

grav25.exe    Gravity Version 2.5. The last FREE OFFICIAL
              release from MicroPlanet. This file is complete
              and includes an installer. Simply download and

grav23.exe    Gravity Version 2.3 is identical to Version 2.5,
              except the registration stuff has not been disabled.
              It is included here only because of potential
              installation problems with Version 2.5.

Older versions are in x-old-super


Gravity Version 2.5

For some people the Version 2.5 installation hangs at the splash
screen. The solution that works most of the time is to download
version 2.3, install it and then install Version 2.5 over it. Do
not uninstall 2.3 before installing 2.5.


To install Super Gravity you MUST have the complete Version 2.3
or 2.5 installed on your system. Or, use the new install program
named inst20xx.zip.

If you are downloading one of the super20xx.zip files, THE
There is no installation necessary. Simply extract the file
named "gravity.exe" and replace the existing file by that name
in the Gravity program directory. I suggest that you save the
old file in case you need it.

You can even leave both Gravity versions in the directory
and make shortcuts to each. Of course they need different

See the (old) website