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Filter Bar



The Default Filter

Gravity starts with and reverts to the default filter.

Unless you have "locked" a filter or "linked" a filter to a specific group Gravity will start with the default filter. One of the frequently asked questions in the newsgroups is how to keep your settings. You can set another filter as default by going to:

Newsgroup - Define Display Filter ... click the one you want (or set one up) and set as default.

Locking Filters, The Push Pin

The pushpin icon on the filter bar does the same thing as the menu item:

Newsgroup - Lock Filter

Both settings keep the current filter set until another is selected. I personally prefer keeping the filter locked. Locking the filter over rides the default and will keep the currently selected filter even after shutting down while still allowing changing filters on the fly.

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Linking Filters

The link icon on the filter bar (if you have it displayed) allows you to link one filter to a specific newsgroup. If your filters are not "locked" the linked filter will automatically display when you enter the group. If you wanted to, you could set up a different default filter for every group!

You can also set this parameter under ...

Newsgroup - Properties - Filter - Override Default

Ordering Filters

Number them. If you have the filter bar docked on the bottom the ones most readily available are on the bottom. So higher numbers will be on the bottom (and easiest to get to). If you number by 10's you can easily insert new filters without renumbering the others.

Use the Headings for Quick Sorts

Click on the headings over the article list (date, from, subject, score) to sort the list quickly. Clicking again will resort, but in the other direction. To get threaded display back at any time click the triangle.

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BEWARE of using a BODY condition in a filter!

Even though Gravity will allow you add a body condition to a filter, it will not work. The filter may display every article in the group.

Super Filters

You can use regular expressions, "OR" conditions, or just about any rule condition (except conditions using the article body) in a filter by going to:
Newsgroup - Define Display Filter
(For a shortcut to filters click the filter button on the filter bar)

Use the advanced window.

Custom Filter Examples

Custom Filter Examples

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Global Options Set Threading

Threading is determined by Global Options - Display. You can only thread by this setting. So, you cannot set up a filter to thread by subject and another to thread by date. You can sort by anything else but not thread. Whenever you set up a threaded filter or click the triangle Gravity threads by the Global Option Setting.

Changing the indent column

You can select whether the display threads are indented by author, subject, date, etc. Whatever heading is leftmost will be indented. Change the display by going to:

Global Options - Display - Thread Pane Columns and move the one you want to the top.

The Little Triangle

The small triangle at the left end of the thread pane columns indicates if the display is threaded and will return you to threaded mode at any time. Click it, when it points sideways the display is threaded.

While you are fooling around up there note that you can quick sort any column by clicking on the header (date, subject, score, author). Again, return to threaded mode any time with the triangle.