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About Tom's Gravity Pages

This website is an unofficial user's site. I was not affiliated with MicroPlanet except through friendship and some alpha and beta testing. Some of the material I used is copyrighted but is used with the full permission of MicroPlanet.

I do this in my "free" time (of which there is not much). I am obviously not a professional web author or designer.

I started the Gravity Pages to learn HTML and because I thought it would be nice to have a collection of rules and some FAQs for Gravity users. Well, I kind of deviated because the rules collection is one of the weakest parts of the site. And I haven't done anything at all with scoring (and may never).

Now that Gravity is free my plans are to keep the pages going as long as people are reading and the counter keeps going. If Al produces any more versions of Super Gravity I will certainly post them.

It has been very rewarding to communicate with people from all over the world.

If this website has contributed something to make someones life a little easier, then it has served its purpose.

Best wishes to all

Tom Bates, Naples Florida